Students show us their genius in this year's talent show


March 6 might have been a short day here at SaJHS, but it had big moments during our annual talent show. I think that the talen show sponsored by our student counsel is probably my favorite assembly we do here at SaJHS. So many of our students have amazing skills that they don't always get the chance to share here at school. How often do we let kids pogo-stick around the halls between classes for example? The talent show is one day where students can show us their genius and show off in front of their peers. Let me say that these students do not disappoint. 

This year we had some great acts up on our stage. We had yo-yo tricks, pogo sticking, self-composed music, singing and rapping, guitar playing, dancing, and even comedy. Watching students stand up in front of the school and bare their soul with their music or make us laugh is just one more reminder of how great the students at our school is. The audience is always respectful and supportive of their peers and even patient when the inevitable technical difficulty happens. And most importantly, they applaud and cheer and shout after the students showcase their talent in front of everyone.

I can't wait for the talent show next year to see a new group of students show off their genius as they wow us with their talents.