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Stop Bullying- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 02/12/2016 - 11:33
Summer Wilde

Bullying affects everyone.  Those who bully, those who are bullied, and the bystanders.  Some people are bullying without acknowledging it.  Many people tease thinking it’s a joke, but others take it more seriously than you meant it.  Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about--be kind.

Being bullied can change your life.  Substance abuse is likely to increase when being bullied.  Those who are physically or mentally abused are likely to commit suicide.  Depression is another common effect.  Most kids who are mentally abused struggle in academic achievement as well since they are constantly worrying about their reputation.  

In most occasions kids bully to boost their confidence and to make themselves feel better.  In what world does pulling others down bring you up?!  Often times, those who bully increase use of alcohol and drugs.  In more serious cases, bullies fight, vandalize, drop out of school, and are abusive.  

The bystander is affected just as much as the culprit and the victim.  Bystanders can make a difference.  If you see bullying stand up!  You can help others and yourself from being consumed by effects of bullying.  Most bystanders avoid going to school because of their surroundings.  They are also likely to develop depression and anxiety.  We can make our school better united by stopping intimidation and abuse.  Share your smile and be a friend.