Sports are a positive things in a kids life

Kolton Christensen

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Have you ever thought how sports affect your life? How about how teens picture of how sports affect their lives? I thought I would ask teens what they picture when they think of how sports affect their lives. So I went around the school and asked a few teens. I interviewed a seventh grader named Tyler Nelson that plays Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Then I interviewed Drey Wicker he plays Basketball and Rugby. I also interviewed Blake Collins that plays Basketball. Then my final interview was with Brakelle Bott she plays softball. Here are what they had to say.


I asked them all the same question. How do sports affect your life? “Positively.” said Nelson. “How is it positive?” I asked “Teaches me to work better with a team.” said Nelson “It also keeps me healthy and strong and teaches me to stay committed,” he said. Collins said, “Helps to keep me healthy, teaches me good sportsmanship, and teaches me that working in a team is much easier than by yourself but also shows me that sometimes it may be easier in a team but you just have to do it by yourself to be successful.” Bott said it helps her to calm her mind. “There are different plays and signals that the coaches do and I have to memorize them to be able to play my best.” said Bott. “Sports teach me to work in a team, and it also keeps me healthy.” said Wicker.