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Spanish Class- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 09:48
Jacob Shallenberger


I will be writing my article about the Spanish class here at Salem Junior High. The spanish teacher is Senor Brandon. I feel half of the reason so many people sign up for his classes is because he makes it so fun. Besides his love of Mtn. Dew he also has a love for teaching and Spanish. I have learned a lot so far in his class. He is a great teacher and in the class you learn a lot. You get to watch great videos like Billy La Bufanda.

He also instructs great methods to learn Spanish such as a matching game app called Quizlet  or if you don’t have a device you can play on one of his laptops. Anyway, the game is where you match pictures to the Spanish translation of them. He is a great teacher and he makes learning Spanish fun. He has been teaching spanish for 2 years. He served an LDS mission in the Texas Spanish speaking mission. I decided to ask two students that take his class to see what the average feedback was. First I asked Andrew Palomar and he said, “Spanish class is really fun, I like to learn the language of Spanish. Senor Brandon is one of the best teachers at the school. He is really cool and funny and he has swag” . Then I asked Tyler Goold and he said “We do a lot in Spanish. Senor is a great teacher, and he loves me and cares for me.”

Spanish is a really fun class and many students who take spanish enjoy it a lot.