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"Soup" er Bowl at SaJHS

Submitted by on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 22:07
Kylie Johnson and Jaiden Mayo
Winning team: Elijah Button, Jacob Hunderson, Tyler Veach, Kyle Merrill
1st Annual Souper Bowl in Mrs. Larsen's Foods class

On February 1, 2013 the 1st annual “Soup”er Bowl took place at Salem Jr. High School. Ten teams of students got together in the foods room to have a “soup” cook off.The judges were the thirty lucky people that came and tried the fantastic soup. Using their spoons, they voted for the most delicious soup. We had many different people come.  We had custodians, students, and even the Principal. We had a blast! The room was decked out in Raven and 49ers decorations. We had all types of soup; chili, broccoli, cream, potato, and many more. The  soups were flabbergastingly good. We had many great sponsors. The grand prize for the 1st place team was to have their soup made and sold at Big Don’s Pizza in Salem along with a popcorn bowl with candy bouquet, 2 large pizzas at Big Don's, movie tickets to Spanish 8. The winning team was team #1:  Elijah Button, Jacob Hunderson, Tyler Veach, and Kyle Merrill - Congrats! We look forward to many more “Soup”er Bowls in the future of Salem Jr. High School.


The sponsors also offered prizes for other teams:

2nd  Movie pass and popcorn to Mega Cinema for each

 Hanley Seat, Kristen Woodard, Loni Hawkins, Acaacia Averett

3rd  Family Size pizza for each at Papa Murphy
Kamrin Walker, 

Dakoda Shunn, Megan Ealey, Natalie Winder
4th  Free Little Caesars Pizza for each
Terese MacCabe, 

Madie Hansen, Jaiden Mayo, Mikela Marvin
5th Free Breads sticks each at Big Don's
Justin Carter, 

Ethan Mayfield, Brigham Cheyney
6th  Free Bread Sticks for each at Big Don's
Katie Grass, Madeline Stocks
7th Free Smoothie each from Simply Juicy
Aspen Ruiz, 

Kiara Vega,Alivia Simmons