Sophomore Elections

Sydney Ward


 10th grade student council elections came and went. Posters were up and the ballots have been cast. The winners are Gavin Lamb, Kenzie Wilkinson, and Shawn Thorne. Great job to everyone who ran. All of the posters were super creative and awesome!

Student council is a great way to impact decisions and make a difference for our school. As Senor Brandon, a student council advisor put it, “We provide activities and service opportunities for students.” He continued by saying it’s an amazing experience, “Great kids get voted in and it’s great to work with them.”

In the past here at the Jr. High, the student council has planned dances, supported and made posters for teacher appreciation week, put together school service projects, and been great ambassadors for our school and the community. Students enjoy it too. Larson Brown, an 8th grader, said, “They do good! I like how the student council is really nice and accepting.” Lily Christensen, 8th grader, says “Student council is such a fun way for a group of kids to come together and be with their peers and try to better our school.”

Thank you to all who ran and are making our school a better place! And good luck to all who were elected!