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Should I Try Welding? (Opinion)

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 14:24
Collin Gale

Welding is when you get two metal plates, rods, pipes, ETC, together using an electric current. I recently tried welding, and I was surprised. Welding seems like a dangerous job, with the electricity, blinding light, and extreme heat. But honestly, it’s not that bad. If you wear a lab coat, leather gloves, and a special mask, you will be perfectly fine. The lab coat prevents the hot sparks from burning holes in your clothes. The gloves keep your hands from burning, and the special mask blocks out all light except for lightbulbs, fire, the Sun, and the extremely blinding light of the welder. Without the mask, the light given off by the welding process would blind you.

Welding is easy and fun. Once you have all the essential safety equipment, and the machine set up, you’re ready to go. You hold the two metals you want to fuse together, put the welder on the edge between the metals, put on the mask, and pull the trigger. With the mask on, it will give off a dim green or orange light with sparks. You then slowly move across the edge to fuse the metals together. Once you release the trigger, the machine will stop, and you can safely take off the mask to see.

If you are welding in front of a group of people, make sure they are either looking away, shielding their eyes, or have another mask on, to prevent eye damage.

Salem Hills High School offers a welding class, taught by Andy Neves. Mr Boyer, the woodshop and manufacturing teacher, said you can be in any grade, 10th or higher to weld. In the class, you will get to make multiple metal projects, and Drift Trikes! It’s a good idea to take manufacturing before welding. Mr. Boyer said, “Anyone who wants to work with their hands should try welding.” It really is a joy when you can put together metal structures, Have fun welding.