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See the Good

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 18:46
Annica Frandsen

It is super important to have a good perspective on things.  Having a good perspective on things is really simple. It is up to you to chose to have a good perspective and it will also determine your attitude on things. We have a really good school at Salem Junior High but it I think we are lacking in having a good perspective on things.

For example, I have been dancing since I was in 5th grade. I love dancing and I do all kinds of dance, hip hop, ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Ever since I have started dancing, I have wanted to be on the drill team. I heard that freshman could be on the drill team so the have to try out in 8th grade. This is the year. I have been practicing day and night so I could be on the drill team but I received news that freshman could not be on the drill team this coming year. Of course I was pretty sad and thought I would never be on drill. But I realized that this could be an opportunity for me to become really good at dance so I have an even better chance of getting on the drill team.  Looked at that through a good perspective so I wouldn’t be sad and so I could be more happy with the outcome. I interviewed a student at school to see what she thinks about having a good perspective. Keanna Viatohi said “I like having a good perspective on things so I can always have a positive attitude about things around me and see the good in others”. I completely agree with that. If we see the good in things we will start seeing the good in people and we will be a person that everyone wants to be around because they make them feel good about themselves.