School Dance January 12

Ashlyn Westwood

School dances are a fun way to get together as students of Salem Jr. High and have a great time. Our next school dance will be January 12, 2017 and will go from 7-9. Remember that you must bring your student ID and also $3. If you have any tardies or sluffs then be sure to make those up or you will not be able to attend. You must be picked up at approximately 9:00 pm and there will be no activity of any sort at the school after the dance.

Make sure to tell your friends to come with you to the dance and have a great time! It will be fun. Don’t forget the things that you need to get into the dance or you will not be able to attend. Also make up all tardies or sluffs before hand. Thanks for all the support and fun we have here at Salem. Go Spartans!!!

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