SaJSH and Mt. Nebo Mini Band Camp

Audrey Miller
SaJHS and Mt. Nebo Mini Band Camp

On February 28, the concert band of Salem Junior High had the opportunity to join with Mt. Nebo Junior High and Salem High School in a mini camp/ concert for band students. The students got together at the Salem High school to rehearse and to converse with other band students. They got to rehearse with other people who played their same instrument before they later played together. The students had the opportunity to be conducted by Mrs. Brady from Mt. Nebo and Mr. Larsen from Salem High for a couple of their songs. Eventually the students had the opportunity to play with everyone when playing Dynamite by Taio Cruz. This was a fun and important experience for the bad students because they learned how to play while being conducted by other leaders and what it is like to play in a large group. We hope that we can recreate this event next year.