SaJHS Track

Tyson Parsons
Sign up for SaJHS Track - go to the front office for packet

This year at Salem Junior High we have started track and field. Track and field just started on March 11, 2013. Track and field consists of seven different activities: Shot put, discuss, sprints, hurdles, distance running, high and long jumps. The first day track was a good turnout; we probably had 50 people there and it was a blast. On the first day we went around to different stations to see what they all were. The stations where short and brief, it was just to get a feel for it.  The coaches are Coach Blanchard, Mrs. Brooksby, Mrs. Bray, Coach Reece, Coach Sidney, and Coach Edmonson. You can still sign up in the front office. This year will be tough, but if we work hard, we’ll earn a great first year title for our school. We encourage everyone to come to our meets to support us and our school!Good luck out there!