SaJHS thanks Eagle Scout for Shot Put Ring

Jordan Blanchard

Salem Junior High School (SaJHS) thanks Josh DeNaughel, 8th grader, for his service to their school. Josh constructed a shot put ring and throwing area for the SaJHS track & field team. SaJHS is known for its inclusive track & field program which attracts over 150 students annually. SaJHS doesn’t have a full track & field facility on location so it uses facilities at the high school two days a week. “Having both the high school and jr. high track & field teams sharing facilities has put a huge strain on available space to run, jump, and throw,” Head Coach Jordan Blanchard said. The completion of Josh’s Eagle Scout Project for the Boy Scouts of America will benefit hundreds of SaJHS student athletes annually. Josh diligently sought donations and purchased food items to sell so he could generate enough money to fund the project. He organized skilled labor to excavate, prepare, and finish the concrete pad where the shot put ring is installed. Josh’s tireless efforts for over six months will really help SaJHS’s track & field team grow and continue to positively influence student athletes for years to come.