SaJHS should have a soccer team

Summer Wilde

                                                                             Picture of Shooters, a local accelerated Soccer Team

Salem Junior High School should have their own Soccer teams.  Soccer is a great team sport that lets everyone join in and participate.  If students are working together to do their best and gather together to support the team, stronger bonds will be formed.  Our school can become more unified.

From what I have observed, soccer is the most played sport throughout our school.  It is enjoyed by many of my peers who play and is appreciated by others that like to watch.  We have the resources to start teams.  There is a great big field behind the school and soccer nets as well.  The field could be used for both practice and games!

It would be frustrating to wait until high school to participate in school soccer.  If they began in junior high school, they could get more practice.  This way, they will be more prepared when time comes to try out and join the high school soccer teams.  Without junior high school soccer, students won’t have the experience needed to help them feel prepared for high school.

To participate in school sports, it is less expensive than club and other accelerated teams.  Not everyone can afford to pay for club soccer.  By giving students the choice to do school soccer, it can give them an opportunity that wasn’t an option to them before.  Most everyone on the local Shooters team (local club near Salem) attends Salem junior high school.  By giving them an opportunity to do school soccer, it is made easier to attend practices and games due to the locations.  Salem junior high school should create their own soccer teams.