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SaJHS hosts special education extravaganza

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 14:31
by Hannah Lee & Shina Parrish, Spartan Chronicle Student Editors


Special-Ed Day is a day where multiple schools at a junior high level come together with their special-ed students to have a fun extravaganza. On September 19 from 9:30 to 1:00, the 7th annual Special-Ed Day Extravaganza took place at the Salem Junior High School field and gym. There were many exciting events for the students to participate in. Such as the high jump, softball throw, arts and crafts, and lots more! An awards assembly and dance also took place at the extravaganza. This whole annual event came to be because of Mrs. Parker, special-ed teacher, and Mrs. Lewis, P.E. teacher. They wanted to do a special activity for their students and the idea of Special-Ed Day was ignited from there.

Before the event, 7th grade peer tutors Kiera Davis and Whitney Reid were both equally excited to have a good time with the kids. They all got to be assigned a partner and spend the day with them. “We get to walk around with them and help them participate and make sure they have a good time!” said Whitney. Sam Christensen, 7th grader, loves being a peer tutor and spending time with the amazing kids. 9th grader Maddie Wall believes that the purpose of the event is for the special-ed students to have their own activities to do for fun. She was personally excited to help them throughout the day. Maddie hoped that the kids would remember the great extravaganza.

The Special Ed Extravaganza required peer tutors from around the district to come and help the kids participate in their events. Mrs. Hartvigsen’s girls P.E classes also helped out.  Every participant was assigned a peer tutor or P.E student to help them get to all their activities and have a good time.  P.E students ran booths with different activities and crafts. “The Special Ed Extravaganza is to help disabled kids become more ‘in’ with the world,” said Madison Hansen, 9th grade peer tutor. Alaina Christensen, 9th grader, also included, “The Special Ed Extravaganza is to help the kids become more social and have fun.” Many students claimed they had learned valuable lessons from the experience of helping with the extravaganza, and were amazed at how well they got along with the kids. “They are so sweet, down to earth, and precious,” 9th grade P.E student, Kalli Coburn.

The special-ed students from schools all around Nebo School District participated in fun activities in the Salem Junior High School gym and field such as the high jump, softball throw, target toss, bowling, face painting, making necklaces, eating popcorn, and more. Salem Jr. student Kayson Carter, coming to the extravaganza for the second year, participated and said he greatly enjoyed the high jump and claimed it to be his favorite activity. He would eagerly back up to get a running start then sprint towards the rope, hoping to clear the designated height. Kayson repeated this activity several times before stopping with a big smile on his face. Another special-ed student, Mackensie Wood, from Payson Junior High School, coming to the extravaganza for the third time, said she was excited to participate in all the fun activities the peer tutors and special-ed teachers had prepared for them. Mackensie admitted her favorite part of the day was the dance. Cory Derfler, Salem Jr. student, was excited as well and hoped to do the target toss. He liked the running race the best. Everyone, student and teacher alike had a fun time.