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SaJHS Highlights Students of the Month

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 13:47
Lily Chrisensen

It’s a new month!! The month of March. And that means one thing, we have a whole new batch of kids for the student of the month award! Every month there are 6 new students selected for this award. Each month there is a boy and a girl selected from the 9th graders at our school. These month’s 9th graders are Simone Davis and  Blake Hofheins. There is also a boy and a girl chosen from the 7th and 8th grades. These month’s selected are Sarah Rigby and Jacob Ith for eighth grade, and Caitlin Brown and Brigham Neilsen for 7th.

There are some major benefits of having this award. First of all, each student chosen gets a student of the month certificate. They also will get a candy bar. One of the bigger prizes is a pizza party. Every two months the twelve students of the month get to go into our very own spartan arena and have some pizza!

Mrs. Stutz, one of the faculty members at SaJHS that is in charge of the Student of the Month explains that these students are chosen by their teachers. The faculty nominates students who they feel has been being on task, been kind, working hard and just overall deserve this award. Bree Jensen, the 8th grade girl who was the Student of the Month for the month of January said, “I don't interrupt the teacher and stay pretty quiet.” Mrs. Huhtala said, "I look for students who contribute to the class and participate. It's not only about being quiet-- in fact, some of the loudest students are the most engaged. I also look for students who are respectful and kind. These types of students make our school better!"

So if you see any of the students of the month for March around, congratulate them and maybe you could be one next month!