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SaJHS Fine Arts Showcase

Submitted by on Sat, 12/01/2012 - 12:43
Reagan Fausett
Orchestra Performing at Spartan Target Conference

Thursday, November 1st, Salem Junior High Spartans showcased many of their talented  choir, band, and orchestra students during our Spartan Target Reflection Night. These students worked very hard and long so their performance would be enjoyable. It was a success, and everyone loved it! There were two choirs that performed; first the Chamber Singers (the most advanced choir class), and Women's Chorus (the second most advanced class). Both the Jazz Band, and the 9th grade orchestra performed as well. This concert was not only for entertainment, but also to show the expected improvement these students will make between this reflection night, and the next, which is soon to come. There are many opportunities for Salem Spartans to share their talents not only in Fine Arts, but also in Core classes like science, math, and English. For example, there is a science fair coming up soon in which anyone can participate in to show their strengths. We enjoy having our fellow students share their talents with us!