SaJHS Drama Department Presents: Guys and Dolls

Emily Weber

It is that time of year for the annual school play and the drama department is super excited to present Guys and Dolls based on a story and characters by Damon Runyon.

The play is based in the 1930’s starting out with Nathan Detroit’s (Zac Webster) efforts to find a different place to run his illegal craps game without the police finding out. He needs to secure the place to have it but he is $1000 short on the money he needs to run it while hiding it from his fiance miss Adelaide (Pheobe Terry) star of the hot box. That is where Sky Masterson (Jacob Ith) enters. Nathan bets Sky the $1000 he needs that he cannot take Miss Sarah Brown (Hannah Veach) a very spiritual woman that is very against sinning to Havana. You will have to come and see what happens next

The play will be held at 7:00 on Feb 21, 22, 24, and 25 at Salem Jr High (598 N Main Street, Ut 84653) The cost for adults is $5, the cost for kids is $3, and the cost for students with your student ID is $3.  The play has been super fun for the students and have helped them learn many skills. Thanks you to all the teachers who have helped with the play (Ashworth, Guthrie, Ortiz, and Daniel) they have had a great time! The students have worked super hard so come and support them!