Mallory Anderson

This past week our school has been talking about being resilient. We’ve discussed how to be resilient, and what it means to bounce back. You’re not alone in feeling left out or unnoticed. Be positive it always makes you and others feel better, making you more noticeable.  Being positive sparks the flame of resilience. A positive attitude is hard for some people, you attract what you focus on, if you’re always pessimistic you’ll see everything as bad and unhappy. Those who are always complaining attract those who complain. Those who are always happy and smiling and friendly attract those who are happy.

Our school deserves a happy and welcoming atmosphere. Say hello to others you don’t usually recognize. Praise others on their accomplishments. Make this school a place that people want to come to, a place to feel comfortable, safe, and wanted. Being positive and welcoming makes you more resilient, it makes you more confident the word positive is code for,”I can do it!”. Keep smiling and you can confront anyone or anything and take it on. You can accomplish any dream you aspire to complete. Make our school the best it can be! GO SPARTANS!! 

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