Renowned music teachers praise SaJHS band

Daniel Stolworthy

The 8th and 9th grade band students traveled to Snow College on April 19 and performed in a festival judged by John Miller and Paul Watson, both renowned music educators in Utah. Students were also able to perform with the Snow College Wind Ensemble directed by Dr. David Fullmer. The festival was not rated, however, the judges had great things to say about our Salem Jr. High band such as "Nice balance and tone to the band, nice and dark and rich!"  "Very mature sound and musical concepts and phrasing." Both judges also commented that they really enjoyed the performance and the music was very well played. 

These comments may not seem like much, or may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but if you know who John Miller is (band director at American Fork High School, retiring this year) and what he gets to listen to each day with his incredible bands at American Fork High School, to have him say he "totally enjoyed the performance" is a big deal. He gets to listen to top notch musicians every day at his school and his comments indicate that he believes we are top notch as well.
Thirty seven students were involved in the festival. There names are: 
Liz Ashcraft
Jill Ashcraft
Jex Ashton
Emily Balls
Avery Brown
Kristin Clem
Spencer Fleming
Brayden Hansen
Hunter Harvey
Evelyn Holdaway
Sean Humpherys
Finlay Lofthouse
Makayla Mantilla
Brandon Mayo
Ammon Meyers
Kyle Miner
Jewel Nay
Jackson Pingel
Katelyn Pray
Ariana Stewart
Tyler Stone
Sheridan Vest
Sarah Watson
Caden Bluth
Sierra Campbell
Jesse Christensen
Nathan Hullinger
Kodi Lee
Matthew McGowan
Jacob Merrill
Tanner Murray
McKay Neubert
Rulon Phillips
Walker Price
Nathan Stiles
Jacob Warren
Matthew Warren