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Reading Tips- Editorial

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 10/27/2015 - 10:22
Anika Auman

What kind of books do you like? Sci-fi, Adventure, Mystery, Non-fiction, or Fiction. Whatever books you like is great! Why? Because that means your reading, and reading is very important to school and learning. I think school is based off of being able to read. Without understanding to read words you could not be able to understand some words as easily as you would if you can read. Reading helps you have better arguments and says. Reading is an important essential to life, but sometimes reading is just fun so here is some ways to find a book that fits you and where you can get books.

1. Ask someone to recommend a good book. You can ask your sibling, your mom, your dad, your best friend, or even your English teacher. Friends or family with whom you have things in common can often make excellent book recommendations.

2. Skim through the shelves in the section you're interested in. If you see anything that looks appealing, pick it up and read the back of the book. Skim over the back of the book or the inside flap, wherever the summary is. If that holds your attention, read the first page or so. If it still holds your attention, then it's probably a good book for you. The subject might be interesting to you, but the writing style can be key to enjoying it. If it looks interesting, put it in your pile. Keep doing this until you have a few books.

And last but not least;

3. Does it catch your interest?  Read the first 4-5 pages if it interest you and if it’s what you like that book is probably the best book for you. If you’re not sure skip to a random part of the book but only read a page! If it still doesn’t interest you it’s not a book for you, but if it now does interest you try reading it.

If you don’t have a book from home just go to the school library it’s open in the morning, lunch and olympic time. All you have to do is grab a book to read and check it out with the librarians, it’s super easy just tell them your student ID and makes sure you bring it back in two weeks. If two weeks isn’t enough you can go in and check it out again.