Please follow dress code

Summer Wilde

As the sun has come out and everyone has pulled out their shorts and spring dresses we need to remember the school's dress code.  I know everyone has their own standards for modesty, but the school has their own as well and we need to respect that.  The dress code clearly states that shoulders, stomachs, backs, underwear, and cleavage needs to be covered.  Anyone who violates the dress code will be asked to change.  If you know your clothing is questionable or obviously disregards the dress code, don’t wear it in the first place!

Be careful when choosing your clothing.  It may have not occurred to some, but see through attire is very immodest.  I personally have seen bras around our school.  I’ve also seen sleeveless shirts worn by Salem Junior High School students which is unacceptable.  Lame excuses have been given, such as, “It covers my shoulders!”  However, half of your shoulder is still visible.  The rules say that our entire shoulder needs to be covered.  Whole and half are different.

The dress code declares that every skirt, dress, and pair of shorts worn into the school has to (at least) reach your mid-thigh when sitting.  Warning, dresses and skirts do hike up when wearing backpacks and there have been underwear sightings.  Please be aware of your appearance for the protection of everyone, including yourself.  Booty shorts are in style and have been worn by students all throughout the school.  In my opinion, it’s awkward for everyone because it’s as if they’re walking around in their underwear.  For the sake of all mankind, please obey the rules.