Noticing the Shadows: Our Wonderful Tech Crew!

Yvette Lazarte
Tech Crew: Tina Knutson, Ryker Scott, Mitchell Hunter

Excitement is spreading as the day of our school’s musical performance draws near. Annie has captured the attention of every student of Salem Junior High and anticipation is rippling as more information comes. The cast and directors are amazing, and they are trying very hard to make this performance enjoyable, but I believe that many of us often overlook those who are helping in the shadows and performing their parts on the sides and in the back. Tina Knutson, Ryker Scott, Mitchell Hunter are the members of our tech team, who keep everything running. Without them the play would lose some of its charm and beauty. Although they are not in the spotlight, and they do not have any speaking parts, I would like to commend them for the work they do without want of special recognition or reward.

Not only does our tech team bring about marvelous work to perfect our school play, “Annie”, they also demonstrate a valuable lesson. Their example is one of service and sportsmanship. They serve silently and without expecting praise. There are others as well in our school that do the same kind of confidential and faithful work. There are those who everyone turns to for support because they will always sacrifice time to listen. Others go out of their way to make the excluded feel welcome.  Some give this service by simply following the teacher’s instructions to clean the floor or to stop talking. Let's take time to appreciate all the talents and abilities that every Spartan has!!