The next Choir performance is gonna knock your socks off!

Megan Mayo

All the choir students have been working hard in class, and outside of class to get their songs ready! The choir has usually only one concert a term, but this term some of the choirs have more than one performance!  There are 5 wonderful choirs at our school, Chamber, Women’s Choirs (both are auditioned choirs,) Concert Choir, and last but not least Chorus One Men’s Chorus, and Women’s Chorus.

There will be three out of the five choirs going to festival later this month, Chamber, Advanced Women’s chorus, and Concert Choir.  If you aren’t familiar to the word festival it is where choirs, orchestras, bands, etc. go and play their songs and get judged.  It is a great experience, and a great way to get feedback on how your group is doing with sound, and lots more!

Important dates to remember.  March 11th advanced choirs (Chamber, and Auditioned Women’s Chorus,) workshop with professional choir Luxs at Salem Jr high from 1-4 pm.  Then, later that evening there is a concert with Luxs at 7pm at Salem Hills High School.  March 14 Concert Choir is going to the intermediate Choir festival at Salem Hills High School from 9-12 pm. March 16th all Choirs are performing at the high school at 7 pm.  March 24 Chamber, and Women’s chorus are going to the advanced Choir festival at Payson High school from 9-12 pm.  Then on March 29th the auditioned Women’s Chorus are going to festival at the Libby Garden Singing house in SLC.

You can come support our choirs by coming and watching some of their performances.  The most convenient concert that is coming up the Concert with all the choirs on March 16th at Salem Hills High School starting at 7:00 pm.  It’s absolutely free, but there’s always a good turn out so come by 6:30 when the doors open so you can get a seat! At the concert,  each choir sings their own songs, one combined number with the advanced choirs (chamber, concert choir, and the auditioned women’s chorus), and a combined number with all the choirs at our school. Come support your friends!