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New teachers join SaJHS faculty

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 02/19/2016 - 16:05
Lily Christensen
Mr. Guthrie
Ms. Rigby


We love all of our teachers at Salem Jr. High. We have had the pleasure of Ms. Rigby and Mr. Guthrie to come and teach classes. Mr. Guthrie is now teaching choir after Mrs. Brooksby, the past choir teacher sadly left our school at the end of the first semester. Ms. Rigby is filling in for Mrs. Hales, an 8th and 9th grade math teacher as she is away for a few months during pregnancy. The students of theirs have loved having them teach their classes.

Mr. Guthrie is the only choir teacher at our school, he teaches all of the different choir classes, Chorus 1, Concert Choir, Women’s Chorus, and the Chamber singers. He has wanted to be a choir teacher since he was a Sophomore. Mr. Guthrie started teaching at our school around a month ago after he went to college at BYU. A few things about him is he loves about every single video game, and has traveled to China, Portugal, Brazil and all around the US. If you see Mr. Guthrie around, welcome him!

Ms. Rigby is the young math teacher that is filling in for Mrs. Hales while she is away. She is currently teaching Math 9, Math 9 Honors, and also Math 8 Honors. She has wanted to start a career in teaching since her Senior year of high school. She also went to college at BYU like Mr. Guthrie. A little bit about Ms. Rigby is that she loves to play games, She has traveled practically all around the world, but her favorite place is Disney World.

Our school would like to spotlight these teachers and give them a warm welcome. It is a pleasure having them teach at our school!