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New Front Office Secretary at Salem Junior

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 15:45
Shaylee Obray

As many people may know, our office has been switching around jobs and positions. Mrs. Cook, the finance secretary, took a leave of absence for an LDS mission. Christine Beardall took over the finance office, and Mrs. Lundell replaced Mrs. Beardall as the attendance secretary. The new secretary that replaced Mrs. Lundell in her old job started last week, and name is Heather Obray. 

Mrs. Obray grew up in Murray, Utah. She is the second oldest of four kids. She also attended Murray High School and was the Cheer Captain her senior year. Mrs. Obray has always loved school. “I always enjoyed spending time with friends everyday and just loved the fun learning environment,” she said. She graduated with her associates degree at Snow College.

Mrs. Obrays’ favorite color is purple and favorite animal is an elephant. She has four kids and has been married for 26 years. She said, “I have always loved working with kids in school settings. It’s fun to see them learn and grow into strong, independent people.” Mrs. Obray also really enjoys the staff and teachers here. “They are all very genuine and understanding towards their students.”

We asked Mrs. Obray a little bit about what she does here at Salem Jr. High. “I answer the phone for students’ parents when they need to check them out or let them know something,” she says. “I also help students if they get injured or sick, and if the nurse is unavailable.” We are very glad to have Mrs. Obray here at Salem Jr High and are thrilled she is enjoying it!