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Ms.Magnusson Spotlight

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 14:37
Hayley Mercer

Today I talked to Mrs.Magnusson and here is what I got I asked her “what do you like about art?”Mrs.magnusson answered with “I like that it is a way to creatively express yourself, I also like all the problem-solving and that is required to plan out a piece of artwork.” The next question was “ what’s your favorite thing to teach in art?” Mrs.Magnusson answered “I really like to paint, so I enjoy teaching anything with color. I also see a lot of improvement when student learn how to draw portraits, so that is fun!” My next question was “who’s your favorite artist?”She answered with “I’m inspired by so many artists! I really enjoy Walter Rane’s paintings.And my students are pretty great too.”My last question for her was “Why’d you become an art teacher?”and this was her answer “I originally wanted to  illustrate children’s books but discovered that teaching art was a better fit for my personality and talents.I love helping students develop their artistic skills.”