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Look! A New Kid

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 01/08/2016 - 10:12
Hadley Smith
Photo Cred: Sophie Callister

Have you ever been a new kid? It is one of the most horrifying things on the face of this planet. You have no Idea who is who, what classes you will like, If people will be nice and actually acknowledge you. I recently transferred to Salem Junior High and I was terrified. I came with the impression that everyone here would be total hicks and that kids would ride their tractors to school. I had met some people and they were very nice but from my other middle school experiences I figured that not all students would be as amazing. I was totally wrong. Every person I have met here has greeted me with a smile and a welcome.

At Salem Junior, there aren't a bunch of cliques, everyone knows everyone else and everyone is friends. When I came home from my school on the first day I told my mom that everyone at Salem was crazy nice. “like Canadian stereotype nice.” It is such a stark difference from my old school where if there was a new student a couple people would introduce themselves if they were aware that there was a new student. If you are a new student here at Salem or you are considering transferring to salem you should because you will feel welcome immediately and if you are worried about friends don’t because people will be lining up around the school just to meet you.  If you are already at Salem, thanks for being so amazing and keep up the good work! :)