Les Mis Performance a Success!!

Bailey Holdaway and Abby Workman
Jackson Badger performing at Les Mis concert

For more than one year the teachers of the band/orchestra, choir and drama departments of Salem Jr High School and Mount Nebo Jr HIgh School have been working on preparing for this night.  They have worked so hard to be ready for these two nights. With Rachel  Brooksby,  Jana Lee Stubbs, Laura Turner, Rock White, and Kaitlin Brady putting the whole thing together.  There were over 500 students participating each performance night.  Also there were a total of 25 songs that most of the students had to memorize.  Monday May 20, 2013 was Mt. Nebo’s actors to take center stage.  Then on Tuesday May 21, 2013 the Salem Jr. High schools actors to be in the spotlight.  The performance was spectacular and entertaining, and ended wonderfully. Everyone in the audience loved the performance by the students.  The actors were amazing, and so were the background choir, orchestra, and band participants.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this event.