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Lagoon Day!

Submitted by on Wed, 05/29/2013 - 11:10
Sadie Johnson
Having fun at Lagoon!

May 17th our school had the opportunity to go to Lagoon. Our school had to take eleven charter buses just so we could get there. We loaded the buses around eight and got to Lagoon around ten. Everyone unloaded the buses and ran for the park entrance, eager to ride all of the rides. We all got through the gates and ran to try to be the first ones in line. While there, Wicked was the most popular. Everybody ran to that ride first since the line seemed to be the longest. After everybody enjoyed the rides we all sat down to grab a bite to eat. After we all stuffed ourselves, we decided to go on some more rides before we had to leave. Everyone started to head back to the buses when the trip had come to an end. We once again loaded the buses and started to head home. All of the students began to doze off on the way back to the school. We finally arrived back at the school and everybody’s parents were there to pick them up. It was a great day!