Journalism students cover Utah Grizzlies game

Amy Huhtala
Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports
Adam Turner, Salt Lake Tribune

Mrs. Huhtalas' journalism students, some current and some past, along with five yearbook students were able to attend the Utah Grizzlies Journalism night at the Maverick Center this evening. Students were greeted by Grizzlies exec Adrian Denny and were brought to the Maverick Center press room to get a first hand look into the world of sports broadcasting and journalism. The highlight of the pre-game interviews was definitely when students were given the chance to hear from Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports personality. Mikulich shared his love of sports and his love of writing while his rivoting story-telling ability left students inspired and encouraged to work hard and chase their dreams. The best part of the interview was when students called out the names of their favorite sports heroes to see if Mikulich had met or interviewed them. Adam Turner, from the Salt Lake Tribune also spoke to the students. He stressed to the students how important preparations and perserverance was in the journalism profession.

After the pre-game interviews, students were escorted to a psuedo- press station at the top of the stadium to enjoy a birds-eye view of the game, which the Grizzlies unfortunately lost in a 3-2 shootout. 

Students returned to the press room to interview head coach/general manager Tim Branham and right wing Matt Berry (#22). Both Branham and Berry did a great job of answering questions for the student's article. The Grizzlies are sponsoring a contest in which the winning article will be publised on the Grizzlies' website.  The deadline for stories is 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. 

Mrs. Huhtala said, "It was a great night and a wonderful opportunity for the kids to have an authentic writing experience. The Grizzlies' personnel made us feel welcome-- I could tell it was important to them to give the students a positive experience. We can't wait until next year!"