An Inside Look at SaJHS Tennis

Summer Wilde

 It was a hot and breezy day on Salem Junior High School’s tennis courts.  Matches were about to commence, taking place on Tuesday, April 19 of 2016 at 3:30.  Booker Ward (Salem Junior High’s varsity first singles player and eighth grade student) faced Hudson Ronie (Mapleton Junior High’s varsity first singles player) in a match.  To get off on the right foot they began with a nice and long warmup.  After some time of preparing for a lengthy match ahead of them, they began.  

Ronie started off with the serve.  Everything moved quickly from then on.  Often, they’d end in duces.  At one point, it was duses for at least five to ten minutes straight.  Each game was a near win.  Multiple times the ball would bounce out of bounds, but was still returned which gained Ward a few extra points!  Practice and effort payed off for Hudson Ronie.  It was a devastating loss for Ward, but they made good competition.  With a final score of six to eight, they congratulated each other on a well played match.  

Booker believes his performance was “pretty good.”  Ward shared, “I tried to make [Ronie] mess up.  That’s the point of the game.” One of his many strategies to do this was to hit the ball high.  Ward and Ronie have had additional experiences challenging one another.  Both have won at least one match against the other, but this time Ronie won the pride.