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Favorite Part of Christmas

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 12/14/2015 - 09:59
Jocelyn Johnson
Picture: Jocelyn Johnson

I went around our school today and interviewed a few of our fellow Spartans. I asked them what their favorite part about Christmas is. Avery Parrish said, That her favorite thing was candy canes. She really likes candy canes. Brandi Mcghie said, That she loves hot chocolate and that’s her favorite part of Christmas. Shelby Patten Said,  that her favorite part is when it snows. She loves how pretty it looks. Next I asked Zackery Prior what he likes he said, My favorite part of Christmas is sitting around the Christmas tree and listening to my Grandparents tell stories. Next I asked Hunter Ekins he said santa claus, presents, and the tree. I asked Sheridan Vest what her favorite part was and she said being with her family. Next I asked Alexa Nielson she said her family Christmas parties. I asked Blake Collins and he said snow. And lastly I asked Michaela Christensen she said her favorite part is celebrating Christ’s birthday and doing the nativity. That is a taste of some of their favorite parts of Christmas.