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Don't get mixed up in drugs- Opinion

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 10:14
Myleigh Anderson

We have all seen commercials about drugs, smoking and alcohol.  And about effects they has on adults but that stuff usually goes over your head. That’s how we get so many addicted teens. Over the past few years more and more teens are influenced by drugs, smoking and alcohol. If you hear not to smoke or do drugs and alcohol from adults, since you here that a lot then it usually doesn’t impact you. But what if you heard it from your own peers, or how about a best friend maybe even a family member? It gets a little more serious now huh? Well if your peers, friends or family members are making bad decisions you sometimes don't even know it. The questions are, why are they so influenced? And how can we stop this?

Usually addiction starts with teens being pressured into drugs, smoking or alcohol. But it shouldn’t be that easy. You probably have heard this before but you should always resist any drugs alcohol or smoking. But what are the other causes of addiction? Sometimes it's because you are depressed but that shouldn’t be any reason for addiction. There are other solutions to depression than using alcohol and drugs. Talk to a friend or a parent. Don't hide everything talk to someone you trust.

On to smoking. Smoking can affect you in so many ways. It affects you and the people around you, even if they don’t smoke, weather it is your friends, your family or just loved ones in general. Not only is it bad for you lungs. Because you are inhaling things that are not natural and not originally suppose to be in you body let alone you lungs, one of you most important organs, but it has the same effect and they didn't even ask to smoke. If you live with someone who smokes you are  second hand smoker which is not always something you can control. But studies show that second hand smoke is just as bad a smoking yourself.

How about that alcohol. How dangerous is it. It obviously isn’t as much alcohol as the 95% cleaning alcohol that you get to disinfect. So it's harmless right? Wrong. Any alcohol in your body is never good. whether it's wine or beer or vodka. All different levels of alcohol but all very harmful. Your body not meant to have any alcohol in your immune system. Especially when you have had a lot in one sitting. When you are drunk you are acting strange it's because all that alcohol gets into your blood and goes into your brain and makes you do strange things. Too much alcohol can make you vomit uncontrollably because you body wasn’t designed to handle alcohol. That means you have a condition known as alcohol poisoning.  Which makes you lose a lot of your fluids and can make you dehydrated. You can also go unconscious and even die

Why is it important to know this know and instead of waiting till you are older? Because drug alcohol and tobacco use usually starts you you are young. Maybe not right now but maybe in two years or maybe even this year. It is always good to start early on teaching yourself what and what not are good things to put in your body. Because you only have one body so you should take care of it. You only get one life so do your best to make your life healthy and drug, smoking and alcohol free.