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Clothing Exploration

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/17/2016 - 14:00
Summer Wilde
Ashlyn Parker models how to use a sewing machine

Mrs. Thacker has fun options for electives next year!  She has come up with exciting sewing projects for anyone to participate in.  Instead of sewing electives for only eighth and ninth graders, she will now have a class for seventh graders who have dreamed of taking a sewing class. Here are the sewing options for the 2016-17 school year.

7th Grade FACS class

For the first quarter, students will be sewing and for the second quarter they  will be cooking food.  They will make basic projects such as an apron and possibly a pillow case!  The students will use the aprons that they make when they begin cooking during the second quarter.  

8th Grade FACS class

Eighth grade students will study the art of interior design.  They will also sew hoodies and book buddies.  Book buddies is a new project that began this year.  A book buddy is a little stuffed animal that you create.  Mrs. Thacker has a goal to make one book buddy for every 1st grader that will eventually feed into the junior high. The first graders will read out loud to them which will help to improve their fluency while reading.

9th Grade class  

Students in ninth grade will be sewing more advanced projects.  They will sew their own advanced stuffed animal.  As well as a pair of pajama pants and an apron!  If you like to sew or would like to learn how to sew, these would be the classes to take!

Sarah Rigby, a student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, says, “I took sewing because I like to sew!  My favorite project so far is the pillowcase that I made.”  Another student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, Macy Badger shared, “I took sewing to learn how to sew.  I enjoy making stuffed animals.  I have made monsters and am currently making an owl.”  These are students who are in the class now and would encourage you to take them next year!