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Being a twin is fun!

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 14:36
Katie Frandsen
Katie and Annie Frandsen

I decided to write an article about the struggles and benefits of being a twin.  Some struggles of being a twin is that everyone calls you the wrong name. Has someone ever called you the wrong name? it’s kind of irritating right? Imagine someone calling you the wrong name at least up to 6 times a day. However this is only for identical twins, for fraternal twins it's a whole different story.  We decided to interview some identical and fraternal twins at Salem Jr. High and to see how different their lives are. For example  we asked Lena and Lindsey Holdaway (identical) , Do you like being a twin? explain? Lena said “I like being a twin because it’s super fun!” Logan and Lydia Boswell said, “ No one knows we are twins, so it's awkward when they find out.” Jordan and Jentry (fraternal) said, "People ask us if we can read each other's minds.”

Some benefits of being a twin is that you can switch classes. My twin and I have done this more than once. We switched three times in 7th grade and twice in 8th grade and only 2 teachers out of the 5 times we switched knew we switched. We plan on switching classes more-so teachers bewere.

Another benefit is that you always have a best friend. We literally do everything together and have every other class together. It is so fun. people often ask us the question “ can you read eachothers minds???” and the answer to all of you who are wondering is yes but its very faint. We think the same thoughts and sometimes when I am thinking of something like  I am about to do like turn on the TV, Annie gets up and does it. If you come up to us and ask us to read each other's minds, we would love to show you.