Band students play for the classes taught by Mrs. Peery and Miss Swenson

Daniel Stolworthy
The following instruments were shown: Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Bassoon.

Mr. Stolworthy brought the 7th grade beginning woodwind class to visit Mrs. Peery's and Miss Swenson's class yesterday to show them the woodwind instruments and play some songs for them to identify. Songs included "7 Nation Army" "Light Em Up" "Rude" "Pompeii" and some simple songs like "Mary Had A Little Lamb" and "Old MacDonald." These are our two self-contained units in the school and the kids really appreciate it when other students come by to share their time and their talents. They loved the songs and everyone had a great time. Mrs. Peery said that she heard one 7th grade musician exclaim that she would like to visit those classes and play her instrument for them every day. Just one more example of our great students being Spartan Strong.

The students who played for the classes:

Adrine Abad, Samantha Bleggi, Calvin Boothe, Jarron Edman, Lucia Huntsman, Ashlyn Hutchings, Amy Johnson, Brayden Johnson, William Underwood, Tyme Ward, Lexy Webster, and Meili Wilder