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Band Concert

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 12/17/2015 - 11:04
Zach Hunter

On Monday the 7th, the SaJhs Bands performed for their winter concert. They’d been practicing for months and put on a great show, but there was some hassle earlier that day. The percussion class met with the Concert Band for the first time during Olympic time that day. They only got through one song in that period, so they decided on an practice at 4:00 that day. They practiced some more and were ready.

The bands put on a great show and I asked some band members about it. Triston plays guitar in the Jazz Band. He thought the concert was fun especially the songs. He liked to play in Tenor Madness their concluding song. He was confident and nervous before the concert, but did a great job.

Amelia is in the Beginning Band Woodwind class. She liked watching the other bands perform. Her favorite song to play was Lyric Prelude. She was nervous about her clarinet squeaking while she played, but everything turned out good.

The last person I interviewed was a tuba player named Finlay. He is in the Jazz Band too, and plays the trumpet as well. His favorite Jazz Band song was Tenor Madness, because he thought it was a great. His favorite Concert Band song was Black Forest Overture. He did an awesome job.

In all, the Winter Band concert was awesome with great music from great musicians. If you ever have time, come to their concerts and support the band.