Anti-Bullying Assembly

Seth Wride and Kyle Larsen
Nick Vujicic Assembly

On Monday March 18, 2013 the classes watched a motivational movie by a man name Nick Vujicic.  He has no arms or legs, just a little foot with two toes on his left side.  He talked about not giving up in life.  And how we all need to keep moving forward.  He told us how he got though is trials and hardships in his life.  He said that his religion was a big part in his success in life. He taught us that no matter what there is hope in the world.

He also talked about bullying, and suicide prevention.  He gave some startling statistics about bullying.  He said that over 60% of teenagers at school have been bullied.  That statistic shows that everyone needs to work harder at not bullying.  He talked about how teasing is the same as bullying to a victim.  He also talked about suicide prevention.  He took a survey about suicides, and it told that most suicides were a result of bullying.  In the auditorium he was at he made the students close their eyes, and raise their hand if the question applied to them.  He said that one in four students have had suicidal thoughts.  These numbers are shocking, and we think we should stop bullying all together.