6th Grade Registration Day

Madeleine Walters
Welcome to Junior High!

On Tuesday, March 12 we had sixth graders come to tour the school. They seemed excited as I saw them exit the buses. They had a tour of the school and the orientation in the auditorium. Theyalso got to see some performances from the choir, band, and others. They even got to practice opening lockers. One sixth grader said, “I’m really excited for Jr. High. It seems so cool. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. I can’t wait.” I had a question and answer session with a future sixth grader. He wanted to know more about classes, schedules, teachers and more. He also thought it would be cool to get a locker and have periods with different teachers. It seems that we have some students excited for this wonderful school. Let us welcome these new students from Foothills, Salem Elementary, and Mt. Loafer and Barnett and help them with their new experience at Salem Jr. High.