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3rd Term Spartan Target Conference

Submitted by on Sun, 04/14/2013 - 17:17
Hayden Henrie and Nick Farley
Spartan Target Conference

The third term Spartan Target reflection has finished. For most classes there was a good turn out. There was great attendance and performance among the students and their parents. Most students came prepared to present their folders skillfully and professionally. In the case that you were not able to present your packet to a parent, you will need to either complete it during or after school. When you go to make it up you will need to go and get the folder from your sixth period teacher, and then you can choose to do it before school or after. If it is after school, you will make it up with your teacher. If you need to do it during school, you will have to do it in the counseling offices. If you were one of the students that could not make it the day of, we hope that you and your parents will be able to make it up quickly.