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April 2016

An Inside Look at SaJHS Tennis

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 04/22/2016 - 09:21
Summer Wilde

 It was a hot and breezy day on Salem Junior High School’s tennis courts.  Matches were about to commence, taking place on Tuesday, April 19 of 2016 at 3:30.  Booker Ward (Salem Junior High’s varsity first singles player and eighth grade student) faced Hudson Ronie (Mapleton Junior High’s varsity first singles player) in a match.  To get off on the right foot they began with a nice and long warmup.  After some time of preparing for a lengthy match ahead of them, they began.  

Ronie started off with the serve.  Everything moved quickly from then on.  Often, they’d end in duces.  At one point, it was duses for at least five to ten minutes straight.  Each game was a near win.  Multiple times the ball would bounce out of bounds, but was still returned which gained Ward a few extra points!  Practice and effort payed off for Hudson Ronie.  It was a devastating loss for Ward, but they made good competition.  With a final score of six to eight, they congratulated each other on a well played match.  

Booker believes his performance was “pretty good.”  Ward shared, “I tried to make [Ronie] mess up.  That’s the point of the game.” One of his many strategies to do this was to hit the ball high.  Ward and Ronie have had additional experiences challenging one another.  Both have won at least one match against the other, but this time Ronie won the pride.  


The Candy Bomber visits SaJHS

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 04/22/2016 - 09:19
Sydney Ward

“I’m really glad to be here,” Gail Halvorsen, the famous candy bomber of the Berlin Airlift, told Salem Jr. High students at a surprise assembly on Wednesday. “At 95, I’m glad to be anywhere!” he said.

Colonel Gail Halvorsen spoke to students on making a difference in the world, gratitude, and his personal experiences during the Berlin Airlift in 1948 and 1949. “Look into yourselves and develop those wonderful skills,” Halvorsen said. “Each of you has special skills. Don’t say: I want to be like somebody else - look to yourself. Build on your strengths and you’ll have a happy life.” The bottom line, for anything you do, Halvorsen explained to students, is to “Be grateful for things in your life, your parents, your teachers…, and those you interact with.” Halvorsen told the story of a little girl from Berlin who gave him her teddy bear, the girl’s prized possession, as a thank you for all the sacrifice to bring the citizens of Berlin freedom. “Those were the kind of things people did,” Halvorsen says. They were truly grateful.

Colonel Halvorsen told the story of the Candy Bombing, said to be the event that stopped World War Three. One day while taking pictures around the city, Halvorsen noticed some kids standing at the barbed wire fence around the air base in Berlin. He talked to them and had an impression to give what he had to them. Two little sticks of chewing gum was all he had, but the poor children thought it was heaven. Even the ones who didn’t get any gum, “politely asked the children that had a piece if they could have some of the wrapper.” And they put it up to their nose and just smelled. Colonel Halvorsen had an idea, drop candy from his airplane down to the children on the ground. This turned into a full scale operation, and by the end of the airlift, 23 tons of candy had been dropped to the citizens of Berlin. For his efforts and kindness, Colonel Halvorsen is an American War Hero and a recipient of the Congressional Gold Medal.


Renowned music teachers praise SaJHS band

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 04/22/2016 - 08:20
Daniel Stolworthy

The 8th and 9th grade band students traveled to Snow College on April 19 and performed in a festival judged by John Miller and Paul Watson, both renowned music educators in Utah. Students were also able to perform with the Snow College Wind Ensemble directed by Dr. David Fullmer. The festival was not rated, however, the judges had great things to say about our Salem Jr. High band such as "Nice balance and tone to the band, nice and dark and rich!"  "Very mature sound and musical concepts and phrasing." Both judges also commented that they really enjoyed the performance and the music was very well played. 

These comments may not seem like much, or may not seem like anything out of the ordinary, but if you know who John Miller is (band director at American Fork High School, retiring this year) and what he gets to listen to each day with his incredible bands at American Fork High School, to have him say he "totally enjoyed the performance" is a big deal. He gets to listen to top notch musicians every day at his school and his comments indicate that he believes we are top notch as well.
Thirty seven students were involved in the festival. There names are: 
Liz Ashcraft
Jill Ashcraft
Jex Ashton
Emily Balls
Avery Brown
Kristin Clem
Spencer Fleming
Brayden Hansen
Hunter Harvey
Evelyn Holdaway
Sean Humpherys
Finlay Lofthouse
Makayla Mantilla
Brandon Mayo
Ammon Meyers
Kyle Miner
Jewel Nay
Jackson Pingel
Katelyn Pray
Ariana Stewart
Tyler Stone
Sheridan Vest
Sarah Watson
Caden Bluth
Sierra Campbell
Jesse Christensen
Nathan Hullinger
Kodi Lee
Matthew McGowan
Jacob Merrill
Tanner Murray
McKay Neubert
Rulon Phillips
Walker Price
Nathan Stiles
Jacob Warren
Matthew Warren


Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Winget

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:54
Shaylee Obray

We have some amazing teachers at our school who dedicate each and every day to ensure that we have a great future. But have you ever wondered who teachers are outside of school? I interviewed Mr. Winget, a seventh and eighth grade history teacher, about his life and he had some pretty great stories to tell us!

Mr. Winget grew up in Murray, Utah with his five other siblings. He was the youngest boy, with a younger sister after him. Mr. Winget attended Murray High School all four years, and enjoyed it very much. He had great grades and perfect attendance! His best friend's name was Blaine Church, and they had some pretty crazy adventures together. “ There used to be two really tall smoke stacks where the hospital is now,” Explains Winget “ Probably about five hundred feet high, with danger keep out signs every where. Me and blaine decided to climb it together one night, and so we did!” Mr. Winget enjoyed his childhood and teenage days very much!

After High School, Mr. winget attended BYU before switching over to Utah State University. He played college football and basketball there. He soon after served his Lds mission and when he came home,  he went back to Byu. One day he was studying with a girl when her roommate walked through the door. “ I thought ‘hey that one’s cute.’” Soon after Mr. and Mrs. Winget got married and had five kids. They now have twenty two grandkids as well. Mr. Winget absolutely LOVES teaching. “ The eighth graders this year have been awesome! I will miss them next year.” We are so lucky to have the teachers that we do here at SAJHS!!!!!!


Book Review- Imperfect Spiral

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:14
Lily Christensen

Imperfect Spiral by Debbie Levy is a incredibly depressing young adult book. The plot is about a girl Danielle Snyder has a babysitting job during the summer. The babysittee is a curious 5 year old boy named Humphrey Danker. He is adorable with very successful busy parents who don’t have enough time for him. One day Danielle and Humphrey are walking home from the park. When their football pops out and bumps into the road. Humphrey runs after it and gets hit by a car. All of this happens in the beginning and throughout the book Danielle is dealing with the consequences of it, with her friends, fear of public speaking, her messed up family, court meetings, and illegal immigration issues.

Danielle has to overcome her fears, like her fear of public speaking that has gone way back to when she was little. Her therapist helps her find ways to subdue it when she gets asked to speak in court meetings. She learns to come out of her shell, makes new friends, and deal an unexpected death of someone that didn’t deserve to die at such a young age, when she has to deal with it at such a young age as well.

This book was heartbreaking, but still a page turner and difficult to put down. It was very well written, with great details on Danielle’s feelings and her perspective on big events that come up. There was great character development, and the characters felt real to me. It made it feel as though the reader is actually in the book experiencing it. Overall, a great book.


Celebrities are at SaJHS!

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 04/18/2016 - 09:24
Amy Huhtala

Not the kind of celebrities you are thinking of.... but our students are Rock Stars! Today is the first day of Sage testing in ELA, Math, and Science. Here at SaJHS, we recognize how difficult and time consuming those tests are so we wanted to help our students feel special and successful by walking in to the school today on the red carpet with teachers and staff cheering them on. Students and staff also received free breakfast from the school cafeteria. Thanks Lunch Ladies! SaJHS students are going to rock the Sage!

Please follow dress code

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 21:05
Summer Wilde

As the sun has come out and everyone has pulled out their shorts and spring dresses we need to remember the school's dress code.  I know everyone has their own standards for modesty, but the school has their own as well and we need to respect that.  The dress code clearly states that shoulders, stomachs, backs, underwear, and cleavage needs to be covered.  Anyone who violates the dress code will be asked to change.  If you know your clothing is questionable or obviously disregards the dress code, don’t wear it in the first place!

Be careful when choosing your clothing.  It may have not occurred to some, but see through attire is very immodest.  I personally have seen bras around our school.  I’ve also seen sleeveless shirts worn by Salem Junior High School students which is unacceptable.  Lame excuses have been given, such as, “It covers my shoulders!”  However, half of your shoulder is still visible.  The rules say that our entire shoulder needs to be covered.  Whole and half are different.

The dress code declares that every skirt, dress, and pair of shorts worn into the school has to (at least) reach your mid-thigh when sitting.  Warning, dresses and skirts do hike up when wearing backpacks and there have been underwear sightings.  Please be aware of your appearance for the protection of everyone, including yourself.  Booty shorts are in style and have been worn by students all throughout the school.  In my opinion, it’s awkward for everyone because it’s as if they’re walking around in their underwear.  For the sake of all mankind, please obey the rules.


Steelheart Review

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 20:58
Hyrum Devenport

Brandon Sanderson’s Steelheart is a book that was published in September of 2013. It was met with considerable success, and, since then, has only grown in popularity.

Steelheart is the story of David Charleston, an 18-year-old set on getting revenge on the immortal, deity-like “epic” known as Steelheart, who killed David’s father. Along the way to his lofty goal, David must overcome many challenges, including Steelheart’s minions, his unidentifiable weak point and David’s own feelings.

Steelheart achieved 4.15/5 stars on, and 4.4/5 on James Dashner, a prominent fantasy writer, in regards to Steelheart, said, "the suspense is relentless and the climax explosive."

At Salem Jr High, Steelheart is just as big a trend as it is anywhere else. Ashton Gardner, a ninth-grader who bought Steelheart, said “[it] is one of the best books I have ever read.” Another ninth-grader, Natalie Johnston, says that “everyone should read it.” Steelheart has even been used as a guided reading book at our school.

Two sequels to Steelheart, Firefight and Calamity, have since been released, along with a novella, Mitosis. Author Brandon Sanderson has not yet revealed any intentions of continuing the trilogy.

Captain America 3: Dawn of Awesomeness

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 20:50
Tyler Caldwell

 Ever since the trailer for “Captain America: Civil War”, superhero fans have been very excited.  This Marvel film is going to be different than any other superhero movie we have yet seen.  Instead of good vs evil, it’s good vs good!

After all the damage that the Avengers have caused, you know, saving the world and everything, the government decides to interfere.  They come up with a new system which bans superheroes from going into action unless they are officially called.  Captain America, along with a handful of other heroes, disagree with this act.  Also, the government wants Bucky Barnes (A.K.A. the Winter Soldier) in custody because he was a H.Y.D.R.A. assassin.  But Captain America, Bucky’s best friend, wants freedom for Bucky. 

 The government recognizes that Cap is rebelling and sends Iron Man (Tony Stark), who is all for the government's plan, to talk some sense into him.  Apparently, it doesn’t go so well.  In the trailers, we see Iron Man getting beat pretty badly by Captain America.  At one point, Iron Man says dramatically, “You just started a war.”

We see a couple of pretty crazy things in the two trailers that have been released.  First of all, something happens to Rhodey (War Machine), Iron Man’s friend.  In the trailer, he seems to be shot down by the Winter Soldier.  It’s hard to say if he’s dead, but it doesn’t look very good.  Second, Spider-Man is shown.  Iron Man is getting annoyed and suddenly yells, “Underoos!” which is apparently his nickname for Spider-Man. Spidey then jumps in out of nowhere and actually steals Captain America’s shield.  He lands on top of a car and says his first line in a Marvel film, “Hey, everyone.”  Black Panther, another awesome hero, is also shown, but he doesn’t have a very drastic entrance.    

The Avengers practically split into two teams, one led by Cap, and the other by Tony Stark.  It looks like Bucky, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Scarlet Witch have decided to join Captain America.  But Iron Man has some pretty strong contenders too, including Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, and newcomers Spider-Man and Black Panther.

The Captain America movie series seems like it’s going to end very successfully.  The two trailers combined have over one billion views on YouTube!  The film is set to be released on May 6, 2016, and it may just be the most successful superhero movie ever.  One thing is for sure, the Marvel Universe will never be the same.  


SaJHS should have a soccer team

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Sun, 04/17/2016 - 20:46
Summer Wilde

                                                                             Picture of Shooters, a local accelerated Soccer Team

Salem Junior High School should have their own Soccer teams.  Soccer is a great team sport that lets everyone join in and participate.  If students are working together to do their best and gather together to support the team, stronger bonds will be formed.  Our school can become more unified.

From what I have observed, soccer is the most played sport throughout our school.  It is enjoyed by many of my peers who play and is appreciated by others that like to watch.  We have the resources to start teams.  There is a great big field behind the school and soccer nets as well.  The field could be used for both practice and games!

It would be frustrating to wait until high school to participate in school soccer.  If they began in junior high school, they could get more practice.  This way, they will be more prepared when time comes to try out and join the high school soccer teams.  Without junior high school soccer, students won’t have the experience needed to help them feel prepared for high school.

To participate in school sports, it is less expensive than club and other accelerated teams.  Not everyone can afford to pay for club soccer.  By giving students the choice to do school soccer, it can give them an opportunity that wasn’t an option to them before.  Most everyone on the local Shooters team (local club near Salem) attends Salem junior high school.  By giving them an opportunity to do school soccer, it is made easier to attend practices and games due to the locations.  Salem junior high school should create their own soccer teams.



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