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March 2016

Underwater Robotics Competes

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 03/08/2016 - 14:14
Hyrum Devenport

Our school, Salem Jr, has many extra-curricular activities that it supports: track, musicals, 4-H. One of these activities that has largely gone unnoticed, is the Underwater Robotics 4-H club. Underwater Robotics is an engineering class that teaches participants about engineering and unmanned robots. Students learn how to create a remotely-controlled robot that functions underwater, and go on to actually make one. This class is taught by Mr. Boyer and Mrs. Roberts, along with volunteer assistants from BYU.

A participant in the Underwater Robotics Club, Nathaniel Meads, explains that he likes building robots. Another participant says that he likes the friendships they share. Multiple robot builders say that this is the best class.

On March 24, participants will be going to the Legacy Center in Lehi, Utah, to compete against teams of robot-builders from other schools. The competition consists of a series of tasks your robot must complete in a swimming pool. The tasks include having your robot open a cage, having it retrieve pool rings from the bottom and delivering a “probe” to a certain place. Contestants must also make a poster about their robot and commercially-used submersibles. Points are awarded depending upon how well one completes tasks and makes their poster, and the team with the most points wins.

Underwater Robotics is almost over, but it is currently planned to continue next year.

Good luck at the competition, Underwater Robotics competitors!!

An "Undertale" Review

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Fri, 03/04/2016 - 14:41
Collin Gale
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UNDERTALE is a RPG-type pixel adventure game. Created by Toby Fox, the game was inspired from the Mother series, a similar RPG. The game’s story is huge and emotional, when I played it, my eyes watered up. The beginning storyline is the two races, Humans and Monsters, lived in peace, until a war broke out. The Humans won, and sealed the Monsters behind a doorway called “The Barrier”. Years later, a young child climbed the mountain the monsters were under, and fell through a hole into the Underground. That’s where the story starts.

The game adds many new characters, and 3 different endings. Genocide, Neutral, and Pacifist. Genocide is when you kill every single monster in the game, leaving not even one. Neutral is when you don’t kill everything, but you also don’t save everything. Pacifist is when you don’t kill one single monster OR Boss. The Pacifist ending is the happiest and best ending, and is considered the “True Ending”

The game is huge. 53 different characters, counting Bosses, Mini-Bosses, Monsters, and Main Characters. because of this, there are so many different possibilities of gameplay, letting you choose the way you play. This game is truly an amazing game. IGN rated it a 10/10! I would too.

My Verdict: Undertale is the best story-game i’ve ever played. The artwork is beautiful, the music is amazing, and the story was emotional. If you are planning on getting this game, buy Undertale with the soundtrack, and jam out while playing the amazing game that is, Undertale.




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