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March 2016

Are Sports Really Worth It?

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 14:07
Hyrum Devenport
Picture Cred- Mrs. Huhtala Utah Grizzlies vs. Tulsa Oilers

For hundreds of years, competitive sports have been an essential part of human existence. Artifacts suggest that sports could be found as early as 2000 BC in Asia. Ancient Egyptian monuments show that sports such as swimming and fishing were well-developed thousands of years ago. Sports entertain us, and they bind communities together. But are they really worth it? According to, “more than 775,000 children … are treated in hospital emergency rooms for sports-related injuries each year.” That’s a whole lot of injuries! But wounds aren’t the only thing bad about sports. Sports cause a whole lot of tension and anger between people, too.

Recently, the SaJHS Journalism class took a trip to a Utah Grizzlies hockey game. For most of the game, everyone seemed to be happy and friendly. The Grizzlies were beating the Oilers, the opposing hockey team, but both sides seemed to be happy. Then, when one team missed a goal, a fight broke out on the ice. The involved players fought fiercely, and the referees allowed them to continue until one of them fouled the other. Honestly, this shook me. The fact that people allowed the fighting to continue, even urged them on, was frightening.

However, sports aren’t all bad, as any athlete will tell you. Coach Blanchard, the Track and Field Coach at Salem Jr High, said that sports “are a great social experience.” explains that sports also “teach teamwork and help [athletes] achieve goals…help athletes do better academically…[and] cuts down on pressure and stress.”

While sports result in many injuries and cause fighting and anger, they also have a multitude of benefits. So are sports worth it? I believe that they are.


Journalism students cover Utah Grizzlies game

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 00:22
Amy Huhtala
Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports
Adam Turner, Salt Lake Tribune

Mrs. Huhtalas' journalism students, some current and some past, along with five yearbook students were able to attend the Utah Grizzlies Journalism night at the Maverick Center this evening. Students were greeted by Grizzlies exec Adrian Denny and were brought to the Maverick Center press room to get a first hand look into the world of sports broadcasting and journalism. The highlight of the pre-game interviews was definitely when students were given the chance to hear from Adam Mikulich, KUTV Sports personality. Mikulich shared his love of sports and his love of writing while his rivoting story-telling ability left students inspired and encouraged to work hard and chase their dreams. The best part of the interview was when students called out the names of their favorite sports heroes to see if Mikulich had met or interviewed them. Adam Turner, from the Salt Lake Tribune also spoke to the students. He stressed to the students how important preparations and perserverance was in the journalism profession.

After the pre-game interviews, students were escorted to a psuedo- press station at the top of the stadium to enjoy a birds-eye view of the game, which the Grizzlies unfortunately lost in a 3-2 shootout. 

Students returned to the press room to interview head coach/general manager Tim Branham and right wing Matt Berry (#22). Both Branham and Berry did a great job of answering questions for the student's article. The Grizzlies are sponsoring a contest in which the winning article will be publised on the Grizzlies' website.  The deadline for stories is 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. 

Mrs. Huhtala said, "It was a great night and a wonderful opportunity for the kids to have an authentic writing experience. The Grizzlies' personnel made us feel welcome-- I could tell it was important to them to give the students a positive experience. We can't wait until next year!"

Clothing Exploration

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/17/2016 - 14:00
Summer Wilde
Ashlyn Parker models how to use a sewing machine

Mrs. Thacker has fun options for electives next year!  She has come up with exciting sewing projects for anyone to participate in.  Instead of sewing electives for only eighth and ninth graders, she will now have a class for seventh graders who have dreamed of taking a sewing class. Here are the sewing options for the 2016-17 school year.

7th Grade FACS class

For the first quarter, students will be sewing and for the second quarter they  will be cooking food.  They will make basic projects such as an apron and possibly a pillow case!  The students will use the aprons that they make when they begin cooking during the second quarter.  

8th Grade FACS class

Eighth grade students will study the art of interior design.  They will also sew hoodies and book buddies.  Book buddies is a new project that began this year.  A book buddy is a little stuffed animal that you create.  Mrs. Thacker has a goal to make one book buddy for every 1st grader that will eventually feed into the junior high. The first graders will read out loud to them which will help to improve their fluency while reading.

9th Grade class  

Students in ninth grade will be sewing more advanced projects.  They will sew their own advanced stuffed animal.  As well as a pair of pajama pants and an apron!  If you like to sew or would like to learn how to sew, these would be the classes to take!

Sarah Rigby, a student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, says, “I took sewing because I like to sew!  My favorite project so far is the pillowcase that I made.”  Another student in Mrs. Thacker’s 4th period sewing class, Macy Badger shared, “I took sewing to learn how to sew.  I enjoy making stuffed animals.  I have made monsters and am currently making an owl.”  These are students who are in the class now and would encourage you to take them next year!


Track started March 7

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 15:24
Leah Adams

Track started March 7. Summer Wilde, 8th grader, loves doing track and does the high jump where you run and jump over a bar onto a mat. “There is something for everyone to do in track and field,” Wilde says. “There is sprinting, distance running, jumping, and throwing.” Track is there for kids to get outdoors and have a good time with their friends. So many kids join the track and field team that nobody could go lonely, “It is a great opportunity to make new friends,” Wilde explains. There is so much to be doing, and you may even discover that you like doing something in another area too. So no excuses!

Kaprianna Bogges, 8th grader, is a sprinter in track & field, she does the 4x400 with Leah Adams and will be getting new recruits later in the season. Kapri loves track and trains throughout the year for it, and is so pumped for when it starts. She has great team spirit and is always giving advice to someone who needs a little help or anything. Kapri tells how she loves all the people on the team and is so excited when so many kids sign up. “We always have a great team and so much fun! everyone is included.” she says “Our team, is our family”.

If you are interested in joining track & field, practices start March 7. find Coach Blanchard for the paperwork. After you have it signed and paid for, you can return it to Mrs. Beardall in the finance office. Remember that track is for everyone and everyone's company will be appreciated on the team. Hoping that we will see you at practice!


Are we too young?

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 14:33
Annica Frandsen


This has been a debate for years, not only in schools but also in religion. A lot of religions like you to be older before you start kissing, holding hands, hugging, etc. Well does that mean that we can’t like people? No it does not. In this case there is nothing wrong with liking someone, as long as you do not take it too far,There is a fine line between having a crush and having a boy/girlfriend.

One of the rules at Salem Junior High is  “Hand holding and public displays of affection are not permitted on school property” so it is literally a school rule not to do certain things on school property. Everyone has their own beliefs and standards and we should not try to take away from that. Ava Lorde, 8th grader, stated “People can like who they want and if they have feelings for someone they really can’t control it. We’re only young once!!” I agree with Ava, we are only young once, but that doesn’t mean we should go out of control and do whatever we want. We should still stick to our standards.

Isaac Barnum, 8th grader, “I have read many articles about it and what I've  seen is kids can’t really handle it when it comes to break ups. They are not developed yet they can't really understand it. It's not up to me for their decisions, but for me, I  choose not to be in a relationship so i don’t end up being sad.”This is also very true, kids cannot handle being that sad and they think that it will last forever but it really won’t.




How does social media affect lives?

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 03/10/2016 - 14:22
Wyatt Wilcock

Dr. Henry Hales explains how social media affects others, “Social media connects people the world over to one another. The problem is that not everyone knows how to disconnect. With constant streams of tweets, status updates and comments to sift through and respond to, social media can create a never-ending and sometimes negative feedback loop.but this can be very harmful to the brain.Teenagers especially can feel a sense of pressure to stay active online. Many experience a need to be responsive on social media 24/7, feeling compelled to answer texts or direct messages almost immediately.”

Researchers from the University of Glasgow surveyed 467 teenagers regarding their social media use throughout the day and at night. The scientists also tested for sleep quality and a number of physical indicators.So what they found was amazing the studies showed that the average teen gets 8-10 hours of sleep per day then they got a teen addicted to social media and measured there sleep and they found that the teens they did survey got 6-8 hours of sleep per night incredible!

Parents all around the world have been studying and observing their children and they have all found the same results. “e have to think about how our kids use social media, in relation to time for switching off,” lead researcher Cleland Woods said in a statement. So now you know why,how,and how to act on this could lead to your child's success in the future or their failure so it's up to you parents to act fast and help your children succeed in life.

Sports are a positive things in a kids life

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 13:55
Kolton Christensen

File:Sports icon.png


Have you ever thought how sports affect your life? How about how teens picture of how sports affect their lives? I thought I would ask teens what they picture when they think of how sports affect their lives. So I went around the school and asked a few teens. I interviewed a seventh grader named Tyler Nelson that plays Baseball, Basketball, and Football. Then I interviewed Drey Wicker he plays Basketball and Rugby. I also interviewed Blake Collins that plays Basketball. Then my final interview was with Brakelle Bott she plays softball. Here are what they had to say.


I asked them all the same question. How do sports affect your life? “Positively.” said Nelson. “How is it positive?” I asked “Teaches me to work better with a team.” said Nelson “It also keeps me healthy and strong and teaches me to stay committed,” he said. Collins said, “Helps to keep me healthy, teaches me good sportsmanship, and teaches me that working in a team is much easier than by yourself but also shows me that sometimes it may be easier in a team but you just have to do it by yourself to be successful.” Bott said it helps her to calm her mind. “There are different plays and signals that the coaches do and I have to memorize them to be able to play my best.” said Bott. “Sports teach me to work in a team, and it also keeps me healthy.” said Wicker.


SaJHS Highlights Students of the Month

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 13:47
Lily Chrisensen

It’s a new month!! The month of March. And that means one thing, we have a whole new batch of kids for the student of the month award! Every month there are 6 new students selected for this award. Each month there is a boy and a girl selected from the 9th graders at our school. These month’s 9th graders are Simone Davis and  Blake Hofheins. There is also a boy and a girl chosen from the 7th and 8th grades. These month’s selected are Sarah Rigby and Jacob Ith for eighth grade, and Caitlin Brown and Brigham Neilsen for 7th.

There are some major benefits of having this award. First of all, each student chosen gets a student of the month certificate. They also will get a candy bar. One of the bigger prizes is a pizza party. Every two months the twelve students of the month get to go into our very own spartan arena and have some pizza!

Mrs. Stutz, one of the faculty members at SaJHS that is in charge of the Student of the Month explains that these students are chosen by their teachers. The faculty nominates students who they feel has been being on task, been kind, working hard and just overall deserve this award. Bree Jensen, the 8th grade girl who was the Student of the Month for the month of January said, “I don't interrupt the teacher and stay pretty quiet.” Mrs. Huhtala said, "I look for students who contribute to the class and participate. It's not only about being quiet-- in fact, some of the loudest students are the most engaged. I also look for students who are respectful and kind. These types of students make our school better!"

So if you see any of the students of the month for March around, congratulate them and maybe you could be one next month!


Sophomore Elections

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 03/09/2016 - 13:30
Sydney Ward


 10th grade student council elections came and went. Posters were up and the ballots have been cast. The winners are Gavin Lamb, Kenzie Wilkinson, and Shawn Thorne. Great job to everyone who ran. All of the posters were super creative and awesome!

Student council is a great way to impact decisions and make a difference for our school. As Senor Brandon, a student council advisor put it, “We provide activities and service opportunities for students.” He continued by saying it’s an amazing experience, “Great kids get voted in and it’s great to work with them.”

In the past here at the Jr. High, the student council has planned dances, supported and made posters for teacher appreciation week, put together school service projects, and been great ambassadors for our school and the community. Students enjoy it too. Larson Brown, an 8th grader, said, “They do good! I like how the student council is really nice and accepting.” Lily Christensen, 8th grader, says “Student council is such a fun way for a group of kids to come together and be with their peers and try to better our school.”

Thank you to all who ran and are making our school a better place! And good luck to all who were elected!



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