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December 2015

Christmas Traditions Across Salem

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 12/03/2015 - 09:52
Sophie Callister


Christmas time is a very bright time of year! A lot of people throughout Salem, and the world, celebrate this holiday. Christmas started a very long time ago and it is always on December 25th. This year, the 25th of December is on a Friday.

Many people have certain traditions for Christmas. In Salem, there are some that are pretty common among most of us. This could include decorating a Christmas tree, opening presents, and maybe even doing gift exchanges between family and friends. This is how most people celebrate Christmas. Although, there are other traditions that not a lot of people may think of. I have interviewed two people at Salem Jr.High to see what traditions they might have.

First I had an interview with Mrs.Lundell. She said that they first have a big breakfast with homemade sticky buns, ham, eggs, and hashbrowns at her mom’s house. Later they go to the cemetery and place candles on the graves. For dinner, they stay at her house with the family.

The second interview I did was with Toas Dye. He said that on Christmas Eve his family all gets a new pair of pajamas. When they wake up in the morning there is one present sitting on the bed. They open that present before all the rest. He also said they have puppet shows with cow puppet ornaments. They go around to a few neighbors and do the puppet shows.

So, according to these interviews, it’s easy to say that there are lots of different traditions out there. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Break! Merry Christmas!  




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