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October 2015

End of Term Advice

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 10:01
Grace Stokes

End of term is sneaking up on us and we don’t know how many of our students are ready. Many students may not like the grades they have received and would like to get their grades up before they are unable to change them. I interviewed a seventh grade girl here at SAJHS said, “Before this term ends I need to turn in all of my missing assignments, in order for me to do that I need to put in my effort to complete and turn in those missing assignments. I think this first term went well and I am proud of my grades. Throughout this year I need to work on math, in order to do better in math I should probably listen more in class.”.  

At SAJHS there are many ways to get your grades back up to an A. The students at SAJHS have a twenty-nine minute break (seventeen on Wednesdays) every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday called Olympic Time. During Olympic Time they are allowed to go to any class to work on missing assignments or to catch up on topics they may not understand very well. The students who have grades above a C are allowed to go to any enrichment activity available that day. The students should take advantage of this time to work on any make-up work or to spend time with friends for a little break. Many students will use this time to get their grades up before the term ends.

If your student is motivated enough to get their grades up. The bank is willing to bribe your students with money. Zions Bank will pay one dollar for every A your student earns when they have a savings account at Zions Bank. All you need to do is to open a savings account with them and every term they will pay the a dollar per A. Also, Krispy Kreme will also bribe your students only with doughnuts. The student needs to bring in their grades and they will also receive a doughnut for every A they have earned. If that isn’t enough to get your grades up, I don’t know what is. This year be sure to keep your grades up not only for the money and doughnuts, but also for the satisfaction you will receive knowing you are a straight A student.

History Coming to Life

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Wed, 10/07/2015 - 09:15
Robert Fleming

Mr. Winget's Utah Studies class was greeted one day last week with the lights dimmed, a campfire burning (fake, of course), Native American music playing, and Native American artifacts all around the room. Today was the day that students presented projects they have been working on to display the culture of the early native inhabitants of Utah. The students had a wonderful time sharing what they have learned with their classmates and Mr. Winget has obviously taught them well.

Stay Positive

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Mon, 10/05/2015 - 09:41
Paige Headman
Laura Johnson's smile is contagious.


I think the main problem in Junior High Schools is lack of positivity. I know from first hand experience sometimes it's hard to keep a smile on your face. Maybe your home life is hard or maybe your school life is hard. But the trick is to look on the other side of problems. Maybe your mom is yelling at you and you don’t know why, don’t start yelling back and stomp off that won’t help at all. Sit down and wait. Listen, maybe you did do something wrong but you hadn’t realized you did yet. Talk with your mom try and sort through the problem. Maybe your problem is at school, you just do not understand what you are learning in math or something similar. After school, in olympic time, or before school is time you could talk to your teacher. She or he will be able to help you figure out what is going on. You could even talk to fellow students or siblings. But don’t get mad or stressed take a deep breath and try and think of a solution.

I interviewed a person from Salem Junior High school and asked how the student stays happy. Student replied with: “I go to school and talk to my friend who understands her situation.” Why the student is sad is usually because they feel ignored or useless. How she lets off steam is she cleans her room.

Let’s say that one of your friends said something that insulted you. Do you freak out and try to hurt them or ignore them for the rest of the day? Or do you laugh it off and maybe tell them that it kind of hurt your feelings? If you decided that the first choice was right you were just trying to be funny or need to work on communication skills. If you guessed the second option you were correct. Staying calm is very important. If maybe they say the same kind of joke again you should talk to them. Tell them that it insulted you and would prefer if they stopped. If they don’t stop maybe it’s just time to find a different friend. In conclusion when there is a problem try and think of a way to solve it.



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