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May 2014

SaJHS Girls and Boys Track Teams Place 3rd in District Finals

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 05/20/2014 - 13:38
Jordan Blanchard, Amy Huhtala

Congratulations to the girls and boys track team who finished 3rd overall in last week's district track championship. Jordan Blanchard, Head Track Coach, is very proud of the hard work and dedication that SaJHS track members showed this year. "We are very happy because we had so many personal records this season. Our athletes were improving week after week," Blanchard explains. "Also, the size of our team increased by almost 40 athletes from last year to 165 participants."

Here are SaJHS student's results from the district track meet:


Girls 100 meter hurdles- 1st Macady Baxter, 3rd Yvette Lazarte, 5th Katie Vaughn
Boys 100 meter hurdles- 5th Bronson Bowden, 7th Mitchell Seipel, 8th Eli Wilcox
Girls Medley Relay- 2nd Place consisting of Elise Riley, Hannah Johnson, Grace Parry, Katie Vaughn
Boys Medley Relay- 4th consisting of Brayden Richards, Mitchell Seipel, Alex Baker, Daniel Chestnut and 5th consisting of Nate Blue, Jaxon Parkinson, Carson Peterson, Bryson Swalberg
Girls 100m- 3rd Miley Houghton
Boys 100m- 6th Garrett Lloyd 8th Garrison Barnes
Girls 200m- 3rd Miley Houghton
Boys 200m- 4th Garrisson Barnes 8th Garrett Lloyd
Boys seeded 1600m- 7th Steven Johnson 8th Bryson Swalberg
Boys 7th Grade Sprint Medley- 3rd Place
Girls 400m- 4th Katie Vaughn
Boys 400m- 6th Spencer Van Ausdal
Girls 4x100 relay- 1st place Elise Riley, Miley Houghton, Hannah Johnson, Cierra Davis
Boys 4x100 relay-4th Kiele Lee, Garrisson Barnes, Brandon Griffiths, Parker Beardall 5th- Kade Kallas, Garrett Lloyd, Mitchell Siepel, Jordon Spencer
Boys seeded 800m- 7th Daniel Chestnut
Girls 4x400 relay- 4th Ashley Taylor, Alexa Neilson, Lauren Luckau, Katie Vaughn 6th-Julia Critchfield, Aubrey Tasker, Grace Parry, Shalee Pugmire
Boys 4x400-3rd Bryson Swalberg, Jordon Spencer, Spencer Van Ausdal, Bronson Bowden
Girls Shot Put-3rd Grace Parry, 4th Tori Black 7th Lauren Luckau
Boys Shot Put-2nd Hunter Morganson, 4th Brandon Griffiths, 5th Garrett Lloyd, 7th Devan Call, 8th Doug Julian
Girls Discus-4th Tori Black, 5th Miley Houghton, 7th Lauren Luckau
Boys Discus- 3rd Brandon Griffiths, 4th Hunter Morganson, 5th Devan Call, 8th Jayden Barnum
Girls Long Jump-6th Whitney Wilde
Boys Long Jump-2nd Parker Beardall, 3rd Ben Degraffenreid
Girls High Jump- 1st Aubrey Tasker, 8th Megan Ealey
Boys High Jump- 1st Garrison Barnes, 3rd Jaxon Albrecht, 5th Kiele Lee


April Students of the Month

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 05/20/2014 - 07:46
Amy Huhtala

Congratulations to the April Students of the Month. Pictured Left to Right:  Ethan Mayfield, Kylie Nelson, Eboni Scott, Quinton Muir, Evey Oler. Not pictured: Bradley Barben.

Creative Writing Students go back to Elementary School

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 05/13/2014 - 15:34
Amy Huhtala

SaJHS creative writing students visited Salem Elementary today to read their own published children's books to first and second graders. The books were illustrated by some of Ms. Magnusson's art students. The elementary students were excited to have SaJHS students visit and loved the books!

SaJHS beats SHS in fundraiser for Muir Family

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Tue, 05/13/2014 - 15:30
Amy Huhtala

Anyone visiting the school on Tuesday of last week would have surprised to see the teacher's behavior. In a school-wide assesmbly, teachers were acting crazy as they made good on their promises to SaJHS students. The promises were made in order to compete with SHHS to see who could earn the most money for Quinton Muir, an eighth grader at SaJHS battling cancer. It was decided that the winner would get a school-wide BBQ for lunch. SaJHS students rallied around one of their own and collected over $5500 beating Salem Hills High School.

SaJHS, in order to motivate their students to donate, asked teachers to pledge to do something crazy in front of the student body. Jordan Blanchard, PE teacher, volunteered to get his legs waxed. Vice principal Kevin Mecham, ninth grade counselor Mike Adams, English teacher Ryan Williams, and CTE teacher Casey Boyer told the students they would get their hair shaved into a lizard mohawk. English teacher Amy Huhtala offered to die her hair blue and green, which are SaJHS colors, and leave her hair that color through the end of the school year. Other crazy things include swallowing a live gold fish, shaving hair, kissing a snake, and many others. Each teacher named a minimum amount that they had to receive for Quinton. The top three teachers were asked to follow through with their pledge at the end of the week. JanaLee Stubbs, drama teacher and adviser in charge of the event, told the students that if they donated more than $3000, ALL of the teachers would have to do the crazy thing they volunteered to do. 

Two 7th graders receive Great Kids Award

Submitted by amy.huhtala on Thu, 05/01/2014 - 16:10
Amy Huhtala

Tate Palmer and Oakley Palfreyman were awarded the Utah County Great Kids Award from the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce on April 30th. Oakley and Tate were given a cash award of $100.00. Congratulations Tate and Oakley!

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