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January 2013

Boys Basketball Enjoying a Great Season!

Submitted by on Mon, 01/07/2013 - 09:24
Preston Powell & Brian Stewart
Breaking from a huddle

Boys Basketball: SaJHS vs DFJHS

            On December 13th, our Salem Spartans played a basketball game against the Diamond Fork Diamondbacks. At the start of the game, we had scored five points before the other team scored. After the first quarter, our score had risen to twenty, while the Diamondbacks score had risen to 10. It was an intense second quarter, and there were many fouls made on both teams. When the second quarter was over, we had scored thirty points while the Diamondbacks score had risen to fifteen points. During halftime, a dance competition was held. The winner turned out to be Kenyan Merrill when he got the most applause from the crowd. During the third quarter, the fouls only increased, but the points had also risen, we were now at thirty-five with Diamond Fork at 18 points. The last quarter was upon us, and we had the game in our hands. The Diamondbacks score was rising, but so was ours. The ending score was forty-five to twenty-three.



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