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2013-14 Student Council

Submitted by on Thu, 04/18/2013 - 15:39
Lyndsie Christensen and Tia Hone
New Student Council Representatives

Many great students worked extremely hard to be on 2013-2014 Salem Junior High's student council. All of them wrote an essay and got a recommendation from a teacher of their choice, had an interview, and last they created two fun posters to hang up. Congrats to all who worked and got their name on the ballot. The school then voted on their choice of representatives. Monday, April 8th, the results were in.

 9th grade representatives:

 -Jane Eyre

-Lydnsie Christensen

-Abigal Hawkins

-Emma Fleming

-Cameron Bradshaw

-Addy Jacobson

 8th grade representatives:

 -Micah Button

-Sidney Sorenson

-Jessy Johnson

-Spencer VanAusdal

-Spencer Knap

 Great job to all of you! We are looking forward to see what you do next year!