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10th-grade Registration. CTE Classes

Submitted by sam.mcgrath on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 16:06

If your students have been signing up for their 10-grade classes, some options they might want to consider are the great digital production classes taught by Mrs. Nederhand. Here are some of the classes that she teaches:

  • Exploring Computer Science - Students learn basics in programming and how computers function. This class develops analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Digital Business Apps - This is a new class at SHHS and will be a concurrent enrollment class. Students will learn how businesses use all sorts of apps to enhance their business and connect with their clients
  • Video Production 1 and 2 - Students will develop the skills and knowledge to create amazing videos. Video Production 2 is also a concurrent enrollment class.
  • TV Broadcasting - This is the SHHS news show where students learn what goes into making a TV broadcast. Students taking this class for the first time must have taken or be taking Video Production 1 at the time they take TV Broadcasting
  • Digital Media - Yet another concurrent enrollment class, Digital Media will teach students how to create with a wide variety of tools in the Adobe Creative Suite.

These are some of the great classes students will be able to take at the high school next year.