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Salem Junior High School Announcements

Salem Junior High School Announcements for 5/21/2018

Morning Detention

Morning Detention is held M-F in room 119 with Mrs. Ward.

Helpful Information:
1. Students are allowed 2 tardies without penalty. More than two, make-up time is required.
2. To make-up a tardy students must serve 30 minutes of detention and must arrive by 7:15 AM.
3. To make-up an unexcused absence, make-up time is 55 minutes and students must be in the room by 7:00 AM.
4. Tardies do not start over at the end of each term, but follow from term to term.
5. Students must bring homework or a book to read.
6. To check attendance, please log into SIS. You can click on the number of absences or tardies to see if they have been excused.

It's important to get tardies and unexcused absences made up each term, as it will affect students eligibility to participate in end of year activities. Parents, please note that you can only excuse tardies for 1st period.

If you have questions please call the attendance office at 801-423-6550