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Salem Junior High School Announcements

Salem Junior High School Announcements for 12/18/2014

"Once Upon a Mattress" rehearsal

Attention "Once Upon a Mattress" cast members! If you are in the school musical, "Once Upon a Mattress," you have practice TODAY on the stage in the cafeteria. Coulson is teaching you the opening dance, so make sure you are there! All cast members must be present.

Underwater Robotics

Friday 4H
Underwater Robotics will get out a little early on Friday at 4:15 instead of 4:45

Shoe Drive

Miss Salem, Tessa Fitzgerald is sponsoring a shoe drive contest from December 1st until Christmas. You can drop off your shoes at any school in Salem as well as several Salem businesses (Stokes, Lifehouse Performing Arts Academy, and South Valley Gym.) You can donate any kind of reusable shoes including church shoes.

Goal: 1,000 pairs of shoes to be donated to those in need in other countries.

Intramural Weightlifting

The fitness room is open after school everyday except early out Wednesdays. Coach Blanchard and Coach Hansen have been teaching strength & conditioning principles that help prevent injuries and train for your favorite sport. Expect intramural weightlifting to be over by 4 PM. Make sure you are wearing athletic clothes!